All campers are responsible for their own meals. The WOTFA workshop does not provide meals during the workshop.

Moses Lake Booster Club

The Moses Lake High School Booster club provides meals during the campout. Each meal is prepared and served by a different group within the booster club.

This is fund raising activity for the booster club. The funds raised from the sale of meals goes to support all the activities of the booster club.

Pricing and sales of the meals is managed and carried out by the booster club staff. When checking in at the workshop inquire about the presale meal tickets.

Campsite Cooking

Campers are allowed to prepare their meals at their campsite. Please be curtious of your neighbors.

NO CAMP FIRES ARE ALLOWED. This means none, nada, zip... even in a firepit.

Barbeques grills are allowed as long as they are elevated a minimum of 24 inches off the ground.

DO NOT dump hot barbeque coals on the ground.

Dishwater and so called "grey water" may be disposed of in the drain areas located outside the gymnasium. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the camp host for informaion.


There are several restaurants within walking distance from the school. Please check local listings for informaton.